WebMethods FTP server ports

Hi all,

Is it possible to restrict the folders a user can access on a given FTP port? I’m using webMethods 4.6. If I define an FTP port and restrict access to all folders by enabling “Deny by Default”, I can still see two subdirectories /admin and /ns containing all our code, logs etc…

I would like to open up an FTP port so a client can read some messages I stored locally in a certain folder, but I definitely don’t want to give him acccess to any other content.

Is there a way to do this or would I be better off running a separate FTP server?


The admin directory only shows if you log on as a user belonging to the Administrators group. This directory actually gives access to the IntegrationServer directory of your webM installation.

The ns directory will ALWAYS show, as will all the subfolders below it. It is not until someone tries to put a message in one of the subfolders that the ACL permissions are checked.

However, you must keep in mind the built-in FTP server writes to memory, not disk (unless you log on with an Administrator-equivalent ID and go into the admin directory). If you want a partner to drop something on to your disk using the built-in FTP server, you must write a service to receive the content, and in the service write the content to disk. The FTP server creates a virtual session directory for the user, it does not allow a standard user to access the disk.

For my purposes it’s better to use a separate FTP-server then. I’ll probably use a java-based server and write some service wrappers around it for maintenance.

Thanks for your answer!