MFT Server Management FTPS

Hello Webmethods experts,

I am new to Active Transfer MFT solution, and i am trying to setup a FTPS on the MFT server management. Since we are asked to specifically use port 24 for the FTPS connection, i have used this port but when i tried to start this, an error saying " (Port 24 is reserved since its below 1024. Authenticate as root to fix)" is showing and i am unable to start this up. Can someone direct me to what i may be missing here? Thanks so much.


In UNIX machines, ports below 1024 are reserved and the system does not allow non-root process to use these ports.
You can either create the port at higher port number and then expose port 24 in your load balancer. I believe installing IntegrationServer as root should allow you to use ports less than 1024.


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One thing I think might be helpful here is to use a port > 1024 locally and have it mapped on the inbound FW/proxy or what so ever so that port 24 is reachable from outside but is mapped(redirected to your internal local custom port.