Display of the "adminstration" folder

Hi everybody,
when I’m using the Windows Explorer as a WebDAV client, I always can see the administration folder.
Is there a way to suppress the display of this folder, to be invisible to “normal” users of the WebDAV folder?

Hi ufa,

Unfortunatelly, I don’t know how to hide Web Folders to normal users, but you can protect it using Jakarta Slide’s security.

For example, if you want to protect Administration’s folder from an user called “tomcat”, edit Domain.xml file and insert the following command:

If you are still using default configuration of WebDAV’s Tomcat, maybe you’ll need further configurations.

This command will protect the access to administration but won’t protect the access against other folders (e.g. mycoll). If you want to protect other folders as well, change inheritable=true.

See ya,

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