webMethods ESB and Integration- Setting File Access Controls


In this article, you will learn how to set File Access Controls in Integration Server.


Bring up your Integration Server as an Administrator.

Set File Access Controls

As a best Practice files which an Integration Server Package is using, should be under particular Package.

Therefore Relative path of Custom packages folders should provided in fileAccessControl.cnf located at your On-Premise installation i.e.  SAG_Install_Directory\IntegrationServer\instances\Instance_Name\packages\WmPublic\config

Note :

UNIX-based operating systems are case-sensitive and if Integration Server runs on a UNIX-based operating system, then you must use a forward slash (/) as the directory separator.

In Windows, you can use either a forward slash (/) or two backslashes (\\) as the directory separator in paths specified in the fileAccessControl.cnf. When specifying values for input parameters for the pub.file services, you can specify a single forward slash, a single backslash, or a double backslash as the directory separator.

Give allowed Path for Write, Read and Delete. Reload the WmPublic package or Restart the Integration Server.

Now your Services in the Integration server will be able to access files at a specified location.

For additional information please see Parameter settings under File folder of Built-In Services Reference Guide @ webMethods Integration Server documentation.