I want to delete file from my Local. I used deleteFile service and gave the absolute path of the local but got the error Specified path is not on the [allowedDeletePaths] allowed list in the fileAccessControl configuration file.

What could be the reason of it ?

Thanks in advance.

Please modify fileAccessControl.cnf

in folder

yes did that .Still getting the same error…

Hi Surbhi,

After modify fileAccessControl.cnf, please restart server or reload package WmPublic.

Yes did that even. is there any specific way of writing the path in the file??


It’s not a good idea to write fileAccessControl.cnf automatically and write files to local B2B server.
You may delete important system files by accident.
There is security issue for shared local-files.
We will use sftp, broker or JMQ to transfer udf and xml data.

after restarting the server i am not getting the previous error but still the status returned after calling the deletefile service is false.

Hi Surbhi,

please share the content of your fileAccessControl.cnf as well as a screenshot of the directory structure you are trying to delete from.

Is the IS running on your local box or on a remote box.

I agree with Rocky that this should be used with care.