i am trying to copy files from /home/POC/source to /home/POC/target.
inside target folder i am creating a folder with today’s date using java service and then using built-in fileCopy service to copy the files from source.
the problem i am facing is like its copying only one file and for other files in the source folder, its showing error as [ISS.0086.9263] Specified path [%sourceFolder%/xyz] is not on the [allowedReadPaths] allowed list in the fileAccessControl configuration file
please find the .cnf in the attachment.

Hi Ameya,

I am assuming you have restarted the IS after setting the new allowed permissions. At least you have to reload the WmPublic package to apply the changes.
From what you write this can not work, because “/home/POC/” is not covered by in your allow list from the screenshot yet. You have not allowed /home/POC" but only “/home/ameya/Documents/POC”.
This is what the error would try to say.
Also a very common failure are OS level file access permissions. Make sure the user / group in LINUX that your IS is running with has the required file / folder permissions also.

Last but not least you mentioned the error including the “%sourceFolder%”.
Could this be the intention of an variable substitution on your input values? if you really see “%sourceFolder%” in the error message it means that this variable failed to be replaced.

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ok, i got it.
basically the sourceFolder is the input parameter and i was trying to use it in the substitution.
now i have taken a separate document and mapped the required input and then i am using the source from that document. its working now.
thank you @Holm_Steinland for quick response. :grinning:

one more thing, can you please clear this concept of how we can give access to all the subfolders and files in a directory.
i was trying to use /** for the same.

Hi Ameya,

this should be explained in the IS Built-In-Services Reference for the pub.file-Folder.


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