webmethods dilemna

Hi everyone,
my company is implementing webmethods.they want to integrate two different applications.their requirement is that the records entered into source system should be updated in the target system.my question is how do webmethods recieve the data from the source system?through the use of webservices or adapter services or notifications?how to chose?when do we use each of them.

thanks inadvance for giving your time to this posting

What software is your source and target system based on?? based on this we can guide you which webMethods Adapter to go with.

It sounds your intergration is exclusive EAI/A2A based…ie db to db syncronization…In this case Adapter Services/Notifications is the best approach.

Pls elaborate your planned Integration architecture details etc…


Few questions to consider design options…

what version of webMethods you are implementing…??
is source and target system in same domain ??? i.e. is it same demographic location ??
Expected number of records to sync ??
Record size ??
Performance requirement??
Sync or Async replication??

Sorry lots of questions…


Hi all,
the version we are using is 7.1
the exact requirement is ,wm has to receive the information about 15 fields from source system,
from wm end we have to give the source sytem webservices,so that they can send the information to wm.
so we are webservices provider to the source system.how do i do this? please elaborate the process.
thanks in advance

In this case…you got to review in/out of the webMethods based SOA/WebServices concepts/knowledge and how this works as a webservices Provider/Consumer to send/receive…

BTW,what is the target backend-system…??

Please review these WS docs from the Advantage.webmethods.com


In addition to reviewing the documentation, I would suggest attending a training class or two to become familiar with the platform. The integration you describe is a fairly common and basic one, the approach for which will be obvious once you have basic familiarity with the platform.

Before using web services as the interaction mechanism, you’ll want to consider whether or not web services or an adapter of some sort meets the needs more readily.

Good luck!

the backend system is peoplesoft…and from webMehtods we have to send the information in the form of xml format through http posting…can you please suggest the steps to follow

thanks once again!

You can use either Peoplesoft (Oracle EnterpriseOne (E1) wM Adapter) or communicate via http posting XML (pub.client:http) built-in service and mapping etc…will be done using the webMethods Developer and buidl the flow/adapter services/notifications that listens to backend system and generate XML and transmit via http.

In your above statements you are asking about webservices…do the target system is requesting webservices(SOAP/http)??

Pls review the webMethods tutorials in the Advatage.webmethods.com components specific to IntegrationServer,built-in services,peoplesoft Adapter(if you choose),webservices,developer,trading networks (depends on your architecture), etc.


thanx RMG, for patiently answering my doubts…

the source system is asking wM to provide webservices through which they will send us information,in turn i have to send the processed data in XML format through HTTP to the target system.
as adviced by you i have gone through advantage bookshelf …but still iam not sure where to start & how to go about it…
my basic questtions are:
1)how do source system connect to webservices created by us?
2)how do convert that to xml and send to target system through http protocol?

i do know that these questions are basic but i appreciate if you can spend some time clearing these doubts for me…

thanking you…