Hello wMUsers - from where to start?

Hello everybody

I am a newbie to webMethods and I need to implement a whole project in this technology. I don’t know yet where to start and how to fit/map project requirements into webMethods. Sometimes it makes sense and sometime it does not. Could anybody tell me to resouces to find Best Practices for webMethods?

Need help to start.


Get from Advantage.webmethods.com and look in the Bookshelf section for all the tutorials,Best practices GEAR 6 docs etc…

Also go thru ISDevelopersUserguide for basic mapping/methods/functions usage etc…that helps you get started in the mapping and train yourself.

BTW,which project implementation are you work on now…What is your source/target mappings,backend interfaces that you are going to integrate using wM.



Thank you for your quick response.
I will go through the docs you mentioned.

System under consideration is Order management system with external interfaces having work flow et.