webMethods Designer IDE randomly does not let me 'drop' data structures

Say, I’m busily using the webMethods Designer IDE to develop a Flow service. It suddenly takes a dislike to me.

Randomly, I am not permitted to ‘drop’ a certain data structure from the Flow pipeline. It may relent after I click on some other flow statements, or go edit something else and come back. But most often, I must close the editor and reedit the Flow service to be allowed to drop the variable I want.

that sounds very strange Sonam?
Is it possible the connection to IS could’ve dropped/reset, i.e. it’s been between suspend events or restarts of IS, or you’ve left it inactive for a long time?

No Dave – this happens in the midst of development. I can take other actions, save the service – even drop other variables. Just not the ones I want.

And I’ve been seeing this for years. From memory, it became a problem after webMethods development shifted from a custom Java app to an Eclipse app.

The frequency is intermittent – once every 2-3 days of development.

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I Agree @Sonam_Chauhan, it happens for me also many times, at that time I just unlocking and relocking the service again. then I’m able to edit service. I observed one thing It is happening when we saved our service and trying to reedit the same time.


Thanks @ajaykumar.rangisetti – good to know others are in the same boat :slight_smile:


Add another person in the “encountered this” bucket. It doesn’t happen often enough for me to have opened a support ticket, but it does occur rather regularly. Similarly, unable to set a value on a variable at times. It’s like the editor gets into a bad state (thinks the service is not locked or something) but after various actions such as viewing other services, etc. then coming back, it suddenly works.


+1 to this thread. It does happen often to me as well. I follow what was pointed by @ajaykumar.rangisetti.

Perhaps designer team need to look at this, @Harish1

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I too experienced this. I bet many developers have experienced this. since we have an easy workaround no one bothers much.

This might be related to service locking as I have never experienced this, but it has also been years since I disabled locking via