Unable to Lock or unlock flow services, java, packages on Designer

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What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

webMethods Designer version 10.7

What are trying to achieve? Please descibe in detail.

I am trying to modify a flow service using Designer on version 10.7, On our dev environment, the lock and unlock button is grayed out/disable and i cant lock a flow service that i wanted to modify. On our QA environment, this option is available.

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

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Can you set the Extended property watt.server.ns.lockingMode=full in Integration Server Admin page & restart the IS, later try disconnect/reconnect in Designer, you will be able to see the locking options.


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For info, if the buttons are greyed out it means that you don’t need to lock the service in order to edit it. So you could have modified the service without having to change the extended setting watt.server.ns.lockingMode=full.

The setting is provided to allow you to distinguish an environment dedicated to a single developer (no locking) or shared where you want to avoid multiple developers modifying the same service at the same time.

So to clarify if your development environment is a shared environment used by more than one developer enable the setting as suggested.

Generally we recommend that you should use a dedicated IS for each developer aka Designer Workstation. It makes version control much easier as each developer can choose when to commit/pull code changes from the code repository.

I hope the additional info is useful.
John Carter
Product Manager
Integration & Microservices


Hi Paul,

another thing to check:
When right clicking on the service and select “Lock options” you can see details about this service if it is locked or not.

Additionally, in IS Admin UI under Packages → Management check for the “Show locked …”
It can happen that files are read-only in the file system, in this case they appear as “locked by system” in this list and locking in Designer is not possible then.


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As an alternative to consider, which @John_Carter4 noted, a team can share IS for development. There are trade-offs to consider for each approach. For my current environment, we do not use a VCS and we use the shared development server model and Deployer. We have processes we follow to support concurrent changes (when that is needed, which has been rare) and avoid stomping on changes made by others.


Thanks Everyone.

Adding that extended field settings on our DEV environment IS fixed the issue. One thing though that i don’t understand is that, on our QA environment, this watt.server.ns.lockingMode=full also was not there on the extended settings, but on our QA, this lock unlock option is available. Any thoughts on this?

The value of the setting watt.server.ns.lockingMode depends on the installation type that was chosen.
If you choose to install a standalone IS then lockingMode is full, whereas if you choose to install a Designer workstation version it is disabled i.e. we assume that it will not be used in a shared environment.

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