issue with webMethods Developer

Hi Forks !!!

In Developer, after doing changes in any of the services automatically services are getting un-locked. Can anyone know the root cause behind it.

Do you have any version control system configured with your IS? If yes, check the configuration on that end.

Hi Akki,

No,i don’t have configures any VCS in my system. Any other ways to diagonise the issue and solving it ?

What privilege does the service account you use to run the IS have in the webMethods directory? Are the files in read only mode? You will need admin access for the service account in that directory.

What version of the Product is this happening on? OS?

If the files are in read only mode, he wouldn’t be able to lock the services in the first place. The user can just be added in ‘Developer’ group to access the flow services and need not be an ‘administrator’ all the time.

Once you have a flow service LOCKED, an administrator or another use who has admin rights can UNLOCK the same service. If more than one user share the same id, and access the flow services to work on, any change over writes and you will never be able to track… (simple example, if two of you use administrator id and works on same service).



Looks like i was not clear in asking the question, I was talking about the Windows\Unix service account being used to start the IS and not the user in the webMethods.

I was trying to see if this OS service account user has been setup in such a way that once a change is made to any files in that directory(node,flow.xml etc) the file permissions get changed to read only after the file is saved. I have seen something similar before on a Windows 2003 server but again this might be a completely different thing.


Hi Akil/Senthil,

It’s not with a single service, all services as part of any folder which i am trying to edit getting un-locked automatically. WM is installed on Windows OS.

I have never seen an issue with lock/unlock feature of flow services. I don’t know how can services ‘unlock automatically’ unless an administrator or another user with admin rights unlocks the service. Probably others should be able to help you in this forum. Contact SAG Support if your problem can be reproduced.


Hi MR as173d,

Is this issue solved? If not, check in developer Automatically unlock upon save option is checked. U can find this property in Tool>options>General . Uncheck this option will solve your issue. Kindly update this forum if any.


Thanks Mohan for u r reply.