webMethods Designer find(search) problem(case sensitivity)


I am using webMethods Designer 9.10.

I have a flow service named “AbcDef”
While trying to find(ctrl+f) the service,
when i search with the following strings(in the integration server search)

“abc” returns no results
“def” returns no results

I specifically have to make the search with the string

“Abc” or “Def”

Since I have hundreds of services, and different naming conventions,
is there a way to search without case sensitivity,
Should i provide a regular expression for the search string?

Warm Regards.

Use of regex might help however to confirm please review service development help guide for 9.10.

You may also search with the folder name, can you try that?

As I said, I have hundreds of services, and thousands of folders and packages.

So,folder search also does not make sense for me.

Which regex should I use(case insensitive),
which contains “abc” (may start with “abc”, may contain “abc” in the middle) ?

Just reviewed the designer guide for 9.10 it does not talk about regex expressions (complex it mean) for searching elements on IS, if you have managed to find a way please share it.

However you can use asterisks (*) to search for any string and question mark (?) to search for any character in the Open Integration Server Element dialog box. You can also use appropriate uppercase or mixed case letters to specify search patterns.

Since you have hundreds and thousands of packages and services, I would suggest creating working set might help “A working set is a subset of elements on one or more Integration Servers. You can create
a working set to limit the contents of Package Navigator to only those elements you
want to see and work with.”

Share your comments!

Thanks for the reply M@he$h.

I would rather go with the find tool in this case.

I just want to make a simple search,
however since the search toolbox is case-sensitive,
this causes a real hard time for me.

Assume I have hundreds of webservices.
Somebody comes and asks for a specific method and I can’t search the method, because it is case sensitive.


At the moment there is no such provision provided in designer. Go with your plans. Update the thread if you find a good source.



is there an “Ignore Case” option in find dialiog?

If so this needs to be checked.


Unfortunately, there is not.

Hi Halit,

then this is bad luck.

You can check on Brainstorm, if this is already reported as feature request or not.
If not, feel free to report it.