Wm.tn.portal services not showing in designer

Hi All,

We are using webMethods 10.3. We cannot find the wm.tn.portal services in the designer though we can see the services related to the wm.tn.portal in the IS page in the browser under wmTN.

Could you please help me out?

They are visible for me, however why do you need these services ?
They are just wrappers to the real services e.g.

wm.tn.portal.tpa:changeStatus ----> wm.tn.tpa:changeStatus


And these portal Services are usually used by the MWS TN UI for administering and monitoring the TN engine in IS.


Hi John and Holger,

We are trying to automate the process for adding the partner profile to a particular processing rule as soon as it is created.
So, is there any way to automate this process.

Why don’t use a wildcard in the processing rule, rather than adding each partner explicitly ?
It is generally recommended to try and keep processing rules “static”. Complex logic should be placed in the underlying service itself.

That way you have better control and blackbox testing will be easier to perform.

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