webMethods Cloud Container-Cloud Storage


In this document you will learn how to create a database on Cloud Container.

Create Database

Login to Cloud Container. Click on Database.

Now Click Start Database Setup.

Note only One Database Instance can be created in a tenant.

Provide Database Details and click Continue.

Database Provisioning will start.

Once provisioning is done. Node the Database hostname. Also click on edit and provide the External IP’s which can access this Database.

It will look like below screenshot also note the Database instance endpoint.

Now install MySQL workbench in order to create Database schema in MySQL.

Launch Workbench. Go to Menu bar Database-> Manage Connections. Create a new connection and provide details like DB instance endpoint, username and Password and connect.

Connection should be successful.

Now Go to Menu item Database-> Connect to Database. Select your connection created in above step and connect to it.

Now Click on Schema, and Right Click on Navigator pane and select Create Schema.

Now Give the schema name i.e. Shipment in our case and click apply. Schema will be created.

In Order to Connect to Database, Provide Database details in Database Connection of Integration Server Administration of Cloud Container or On Premise if required.