webMethods/BizTalk Document Exchange Problem

We are using wM TN 4.6 /chem eStandards module 4.5.
We are exchanging documents with a partner using a BizTalk server.
When we send a document say an OrderCreate we are getting a response Receipt Ack back.
But it shows up in our TN console as an unknown document.(SenderID/ReceiverID/Document Type are all unknown)
We are using the chem eStandards module 4.5 conversations.
The above RA is not returning with the conversation ID .
The conversation ID is just not there.
Is there any thing that needs to be done specifically for getting the conversations back from the BizTalk server?

The unknown doc gets persisted and leaves an error message related to RNIF.
I am not sure if this is the problem with recognition of the Sender/Receiver

Error trapped in service wm.ip.rnif11.trp:validateSignatureAndHeaders
[ESIPRT.000000.000020] Error: In service wm.ip.rnif11.trp:validateHeader: ServiceHeader validation failed.


I believe the problem might be due to the unknown FocalRoles (Sender/Receiver)coming in the Service Header message and pls check with your partner side,that are they in sync with your conversation messages.

Thanks for your response.
I’ll try that.
I have another question.
I get some documents with a proper senderid/receiverID and Doc type.
But they just get persisted in the TN server.They are not kicking off my conversation scripts.
Do you have any idea of what the problem could be ?
If I set up a processing rule that invokes the tn.cm.processDocument and resubmit the
persisted document,then the reqd conversation script gets invoked.
I need to get the conversation script invoke automatically when i receive a document from my Trading partner.


If your TN is properly set up for receving documents with Conversation scripts (ProcessArchive files) then definetely your conversation will start.


Normally A Conversation will be fired based on
SenderID,ReceiverID and DocumentType…
who ever might be sending you the documents either from your trading partner or internal ERP group.

So pls check on your TN configuration regarding DocumentTypes,External-IDs ,coversation starting documents in Admin webpage on conversation tab,setups and also your conversation scripts(.arc files).I believe you might be taking care of all these stuff,just cross check it.

And also check your trading partner messsages which you are receiving ,whether all the header messages are in right shape with
Sender,Receiver,GlobalBusinessIdentifiers,Conversatioion Ids etc…