webMethods adapter connection migration from Sybase to SQL RDS

Hi All Good wishes!!

WM version used 10.3

Looking for your inputs and valuable suggestions for migrating webMethods adapter DB from SYBASE to SQL RDS.

Stored Procedures internally call SP and make use of JDBC Adapter connection dependent adapter services.

From migration perspective
Will it be change in config?
or it will involve DB type or version change – which could result in multiple other changes in the integration code.

Hi Isthkhar,

FYI, Sybase is a SAP RDBMS product, there is no way you can migrate to Amazon RDS directly with any migration tool. There is no portability between different database products from different vendors.

The reason is Amazon RDS has only flavors for:

  1. Amazon Aurora
  2. PostgresSQL
  3. MySQL
  4. MariaSQL
  5. Oracle
  6. MS SQL Server

As such when you plan to migrate over, all the database objects and setup needs to be created from scratch.

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Thanks @Mike_Ng for all inputs.

Earlier there was same migration happened from sybase to RDS which had involved following steps which were done in adapter connection in IS.

A) Change DB server name
B) Change Data Source Class name
C) Change DB name
D) Add Jar in webMethods server
E) Change the port number.

And StoredProcedure changes at DB level.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Theoretically the steps you have mentioned are correct. If you can confirm that there is no issue with thE database objects and procedures,then the steps are correct.