Need help migrating webMethods from JDEdwards to SAP

Hi our current system is running in JDEdwards and we are planning to migrate it to webMethods. Can anyone help me what are the things we need for this migration.


I assume you are referring to the version of Integration Server that JDEdwards distributed under an OEM agreement from webMethods years ago. If so, it would help to find out the specific product names and versions.

“JDEdwards” and “webMethods” are just a vendor names, so your question is a bit like asking how to migrate from Adobe to Oracle or from HP to Microsoft.

In the meantime, login to webMethods Advantage and search for the upgrade documentation.


Thanks Mark for your response my task is migrating webMethods from JDEdwards application to SAP. Our Current system is running in JDEdwards and we are converting it to SAP.

Please help me in this regard

Sorry, your question is not clear. You need to provide product and version information and to describe what you are trying to do.


You mean to point your current/existing webMethods Integration solution/infra from JDEAdapter to SAP Adapter or is it totally a new wM implementation in your organization??