Migration from Gentran to webMethods


I am new to both Getran and webMethods, being a SAP guy. We have a requirement to migrate from Gentran to webMethods. My query is:
  1. Are there any tools available in the market for the mapping?
  2. webMethods, I think, provides some migration tools itself. But how successful are these tools, vis-a-vis the mapping et al.

Please help.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Amar,

Most of the time you will not want to convert the maps. You will most likely want to use the reusability advantages of webmethod.
Blind conversion will only lead you to extra maintenance in the future.

Now a couple of questions:
What kind of documents do you want to convert ?
Which version of Gentran are you using ? (also the mapper’s version)
I’m guessing you are now using idocs ? If yes, please provide the message types and versions you are using.

I’m not a webMethod expert, but I do know a lot about Gentran and SAP, feel free to ask questions if needed.



SAG-webMethods does have some tools for conversion of Gentran-AI maps to webMethods maps (atleast 60-70% of it may reduce dev effort)…You may contact local/regional SAG sales Rep/SE for more information: