webMethods 9.8 FREE TRIAL is LIVE

We are happy to announce that the FREE TRIAL 9.8 is now live. Anyone requesting a FREE TRIAL will now get the latest version of the most powerful Integration Platform.

It gets even better. Now we are including 2 additional products in this version for FREE TRIAL.

  1. webMethods ActiveTransfer (Managed File Transfer - MFT)
  2. webMethods Trading Networks (B2B Gateway) with EDI & EDIINT eStandards

As always, we welcome feedback. So, check out the new version and the newly included products.

That’s a good news :slight_smile:

Hope you include webMethods broker in this image please?

We already include Universal Messaging which is the new messaging standard. Broker is the old product and we have no plans to include it in the FREE TRIAL.

Thank you Navdeep for your help.
This Good news and help full for all of us :slight_smile:

It will be more better if you can include CAF, process/task engine along with this or may be in different image copy(as you have previously it may effect download file size).

Baharul Islam

Hi Navdeep,

As webMethod 9.9 is released on last week.Hope we can explore free trial of the same very soon.
Just to add ,it will be very good if you can include CAF and task part as well along with other BPM component.

Baharul Islam