webMethods 8.0 compatibility on Windows8

Hi all,

can someone please let me know if webMethods 8.0 is compatible on Windows8 OS

I assume your system type should be 64 bit OS… Tell me your wM 8.0 image is it 32 bit or 64 bit…? I am not sure you can install it on Windows 8/8.1 OS… You can give a try :slight_smile:

As per the system requirements guide:

webMethdos 8.X can be installed on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise Edition

webMethods 9.5 SP1 and up can be installed on Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise Edition, Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise

I suggest you to refer the System Requirements PDF specific to webMethods version.


Mahesh is right. As per documentation (system requirement for WM 8.2), webMethods 8.2 is not compatible with the operating system Windows 8.

It is compatible for these versions of windows.

Windows 7 Professional (x86), Ultimate (x86-64), Enterprise Edition *4 (x86-64)

WM 9.5 is compatible for Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise (x86-64).

Hello Shahanaz,

I am sure that wM 8.0 you can install on Windows 8. The document does not say this but you can still install it.

What is your wM 8.0 image size 32 bit or 64 bit…?

Hello Mahesh

Am trying to install wm.8.2 with 32-bit software on windows 8.1 64 bit OS but getting compatablity issues with this.
So anyone can provide 64 bit installer .


Hi All,

webMethod is new for me. I wanted to learn it.

Before that I need to install webMethod SAG software, but I have a doubt which webMethod version will support the below system requirement.Can anyone please suggest me with the details?

My system detail - Window 8.1 and 64-bit OS.

Kindly share the link where I can download the webMethod…thanks.


Request for a free trial wM 9.10 image from tech community site and refer docs for more details about installation and setup. Refer the links below:



thanks Mahesh…

Could you please tell what all are the components and settings required while doing installation?


Since you are a newbie to wM I would recommend to install the Integration Server, Designer and JDBC adapter (to do some Integration with db)

Refer the links that I have posted and read docs and browse community or Internet for additional information.

thanks… Mahesh… wM got installed…succesfully.

But once I hv started the IS i have faced the below issue related to jdbc pool…
“Caused by: com.wm.app.audit.AuditException: [BAA.0000.0050] Could not create destination “ProcessAuditDBDest” for Process Logger. Destination may refer to a JDBC Pool alias that does not exist or is not configured.”

Can anyone suggest it? what steps I need to take for such kind of error…


Hello Kumar,

Did you executed the Data Base Configurator for the database?

Also, one more question, are planning to use Process Engine? If you are not using PE, you can delete the pool as well.


Are you using embedded database or external database?

you can try to assign the existing IS database pool to the function “ProcessAudit”.
This should solve the issue.


I suggest you to visit here http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/web/guest/pwiki/-/wiki/11809/Guide+to+Downloading+and+installing+the+webMethods+Free+Trial+Version for solve your issues.

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