webMethods 10.11 install on Linux error

Installing WM 10.11 on linux. get the following error immediately.

./SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin -readImage ./SAG101120230217Linux64.zip

./SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin: line 109: 
./SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin -readImage ./SAG101120230217Linux64.zip 
./SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin: line 109: /tmp/saginstaller.1158796/jvm/bin/java: Permission denied
[SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin] ERROR: Installation failed (126).
[SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin] Please check the log and search for errors.
[SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin] Correct the situation and try again.
[SoftwareAGInstaller20221103-Linux_x86_64.bin] Cleaning up /tmp/saginstaller.1158796...

Hi Robert,

please check if the user used to run the installer has the proper rights to access the tmp folder and execute the java binary there.

You can verify this with a second terminal session in parallel to the first one in which you are running the installer.

Additionally check if your user has the prooper rights to read from the image file.


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Hi @Robert_Smith

May i know how you resolved this issue ? Iā€™m getting the same error for 10.15 version installation with linux

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