WebMethod Installation using purely CLI


I am asssigned to install WebMethods using Chef Cookbook, Upon checking on the installation guide, i can see that there are steps in the installation guide which is in GUI based (e.g Creation of Schema). In order for the cookbook to be created, all steps should be in CLI (Command line interface). Can you tell me what are the corresponding CLI commands for the GUI steps on the installation guide?

Also, what property file is being created during WebMethods installation?

Appreciate your response. Thanks! :smiley:

If you want you can run the DB scripts directly on your own. The DB scripts are under SoftwareAG9\common\db\scripts

You can run the dbConfiguratorUI.bat on another machine that allows UI as long as you are in the same network as the database. It is not advisable to run the scripts manually.

Or you can try to get the UI parts redirected using X11-config to your local X11-Client.

The CLI options for DB-Configurator are described in the installation guide.