webM 9.5 ompatibility with SQL 2012 +SP2


Can somebody pls confirm the compatibility of webmethods 9.5 with SQL 2012 SP2?

We need to update SQL server 2012 with service pack 2 but unfortunately did not get any confirmation about compatibility on SP2 on SQL 2012.


I know IS8.x works well with MS SQL2012 no issues.

So it should work fine and you can try test JDBC connection or Pool configuration.

Also please review the 9-5_System_Requirements.pdf for more supported information.


Did you talk to SAG support folks? Did you here from them?


Thanks for the replies. I checked the documentation, Our env already runs with SQL 2012 + Service Pack 1. Our client wanted to install SP2 on DB server.

The documentation says, “Unless otherwise specified in our documentation, we encourage installing the latest service packs, patch-bundles and fixes for the supported operating systems and products if those are recommended by the respective vendor. Please report defects resulting from 3rd party supplied fixes, patches or service packs to the vendor directly” for every hardware requirement section.

I think most probbaly we can go ahead with SP2 and have not raised a call with SAG as yet that is why.


Yes that make sense.

Hi RMG & Mahesh,

I did raise a call with SAG to be double sure.
They said, since its a release/patch by Microsoft, there is no harm in going with SP2 on MSSQL 2012.
Also, they confirmed they havent heard any incompatibility issues for webm 9.5 DB components wth MSSQl 2012 SP2.

So i think we are safe for this upgrade.

Many thanks for your replies.

Best Regards,

Priya - Thanks for your update. :slight_smile: