Integration Server Setup with DCC

I am trying to setup Integration server 10.7 with Latest MS-SQL server. I have installed both IS and MS-SQL. But when i am running the DCC UI and creating the data, in results tab it gives error saying “IsCoreAudit” is not present.

Also can someone please tell me what MS-SQL version is supported with IS 10.7.

Hi Ameya,

The attachment is the system requirement for webMethods product setup, .
May I know what version of SQL server that you want to install?


Are you selecting the right components/products when executing DCC?
Do you have the latest fixes installed for DCC and the DB scripts?

The next time you execute DCC after ensuring the above, use the “drop” option first to clean-up.


its mssql 2019

Have you manually selected the relevant database scripts to install under Database Configurator section of SAG Installer?

i am not sure if i did that at the time of installation. In case if i havent done that, what action needs to be performed then?

Under Database Configurator > Integration Server xx Database Scripts. Please tick those and then try again in DCC.

Hi Ameya,
If you rerun the installer pointing to the same installation directory , it should show you the products installed along with an option to choose the Database Scripts.


ok, thanks for the suggestion. I will try that for sure.

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