Web Pages, DSP, JSP in webMethods

I am new to webMethods altogether. We just migrated our EDI to webMethods/TN. I have heard you can create web pages within webMethods. What I need to be able to do is create a main page that will have input parameters that will pull back data from trading networks into a web page and once the data is displayed the transaction/item brought back needs to have a hyperlink that will pop up another window that will pull back the EDI data that is stored as blob in TN database. Of course I will utilize flow services for the execSQL and so forth.

So my question is DSP vs JSP? Will these do what I need and which one is better.


Have you reviewed the capabilities of TN Web?

No I have not. Do you know the .pdf documentation for that?

[Integration Server]/packages/WmTNWeb/pub/doc

It’s essentially a browser version of a reduced-function TN Console,