i have an existing code in JSP. i have just created a DSP code and added to JSP code.

first i need to confirm whether can we implement dsp code in jsp. please suggest.

Dear Kishore, this is a webMethods forum, I think you have to post it in a JSP forum.

Alejandro, wM IS supports using JSPs and DSPs

Kishore, you’ll use JSPs and DSPs separately. Do not mix the two.

Thanks reamon:happy:

Hi Rob, sorry for my ignorance about that.
Please, could you tell me an example where I can use JSP/DSP. I have 5 years old with WM (from 4.6 version) but I never used that.
Thanks in advance.

DSPs are the wM IS equivalent of JSP. IS Administrator uses DSPs to provide the UI. You can create your own DSPs as well. The DSP and Output Template Developer’s Guide covers how to create them. You can find that guide in the _documentation/Developer/Guides directory of your installation.

JSPs are supported on IS via the WmTomcat package. With this IS can be used as a general purpose servlet container, running apps based on servlets and JSPs. The Web Applications Developer’s Guide covers this. It too can be found in the Guides directory mentioned above.

Hi Rob, I understand now. Thanks a lot!!
I’ll read the guide that you mentioned.

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