Want to refresh or backout SYSSEC installation on Unix

I would like to restore the FSEC to the way it was after installation, or alternatively backout the installation. Of course no backup was taken of the database after the installation (woops). I cannot find any documentation on how to create a new FSEC file. If I refresh the file will it load the default data when I go back into Natural? I don’t see any “data” file in /u/SAG/nsc/v61113/INSTALL.
Alternatively how do I back out the installation? I see the installation made a backup of the fnat but is there anything else I have to back out? I would prefer to restore the FSEC rather than backing out the installation.
Priscilla Fuller

The easiest way to restore FSEC is to run the INPL R (Recover) or alternatively you can re-run the last step of the NSC installation to setup the NCS control record.