SAG Administrator Lockout

The SAG admin account is locked out. We have tried using INPL to recover the account but that didn’t work. Anyone have any suggestions or other utilities that we can try?

We have a UAT DB that has the same configuration as the production and we were thinking we could get the configuration file(s) from there and restore them to the production environment. We are not sure which files we need to grab to do this.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

You are talking about NATURAL Security, correct ?

Maybe you’ve got another DBA level user defined in NSC which will allow you toi unlock the primary admin account ?

Why did INPL R not work, what happened ?

You will need to move just FSEC from PROD to UAT.

I don’t have answers to your questions as I am posting this for someone. I know they don’t have another DBA level person defined.

I will let him know that he only has to restore FSEC to recover. What utility can we use to do this? ADASAV, etc.



If the FSECs on PROD and UAT use different DBIDs + DNRs then an


(= “adjust”) will be required here as well, otherwise NSC will complain.