How to find out which user is holding a record.

I am not sure if there is a utility program to do this. In any case, I would appreciate suggestions.




is what you are looking for ?

Well Could you tell me how to use that?

Ahh… something tells me you are on MF and not on open-systems :wink:
Try the operator command DHQ or DHQA
for further doc. on howto:


Finn is refering to the utility on Open Systems.

Ther is a equivalent utility on mf:
ADADBS OPERCOM DHQA that displays up tp 1000 hold queue elements.

Perhaps you also have SYSAOS (Adabas Online System) available that also offers display of hold queue.

Yes I am on the main frame. I am not a DBA and as such not able to use the ADABAS commands. I was wondering if any program can be used in Natural environment that would give me the information.

SYSAOS is a Natural application and you may possible have access to it.

Try to make a logon to SYSAOS and enter MENU.

I can logon to SYSAOS but MENU doesn’t work. Is Natural Security must for this to be used?

it is possible that your DBA did not install it in the environment you are running in or Natural Security limits your access. You need to discuss it with your DBA.

If you can logon to SYSAOS then you are allowed by security or there is no security. But if it says “library is empty”, it indicates that this facility is not installed.

I agree with Douglas; you have to contact your DBA or systems programmer.

Thank you all for replying to my posting. I checked with the DBA, and they do not want to give me access to SYSAOS. So I guess this will end here. Thanks once again