Download FSEC entries from MF to UNIX

Dear Colleagues,
I would like to know if some one of you have any experience transferring entries from an MF FSEC to an UNIX FSEC.
Thanks un advanced


Done that several years ago. I can’t remember specific challanges in this area. It think there was information in manuals about “how to”.

There are utilities named SECULD and SECLOAD for that task, you’ll find specifics in the documentation.

Hi Wolfgang,
Certainly, the Natural Security chapter at the Natural documentation talking about how to do. But, it doesn’t mentions what can I do when I will try to transfer the work file 1 from MF to UNIX. What I meant is if I need to specify the option BINARY when I do the FTP from the MF to UNIX. The unload utility (SECULD2) has an option that convert to ASCII, so if I use that option I do not need to specify the option BINARY during the FTP execution?.

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