export Natural Security to a file

Hi all,
I am currently trying to get a map of accesses defined through Natural Security, including groups defined, users, credentials… is there any utility or way to export this info to a csv or txt file?

Hi Javier,
The only one utilities that I know is SECULD (NSC31) or SECULD2 (NSC4). Please specify the options transfer Y for unload in text way.


Natural Security has several APIs documented:
if you look at the samples i believe you can modify those to write the data to a flat file. Just define work file 1 to the Natural session. If you have Entire Connection you can do it online, otherwise run in batch.

For example:
The subprogram NSCDU is used to display a user security profile.
An example program PGMDU of how to invoke subprogram NSCDU, as well as an explanatory text TXTDU, are provided in source form in the library SYSSEC.
Modify PGMDU to write a work file and you are there!
Use the other API sample for the other data.