Backout Plan

Hi all,

We’ll be implementing a major enhancement to our system. We need to capture the existing image of the current system in case something goes wrong during implementation.

a) What a the things that need to be backup to ensure that we can revert to the original condition of the system before we migrated the change? Maps, Programs, Sub-Programs… DDM, Profiles, Settings… etc.

b) How can be backup all the items in a)?

c) How can restore the enviroment with the backup from b)?

Please be specific as possible because we need to document the steps.



By the way our versions are as follows:

a) Natural (Mainframe) 4.2.1
b) Adabas V5


Following things are assumed in your queries.

  1. The “system” applies only the NATURAL and not ADABAS data.
  2. You have Natural Security and PREDICT.
  3. Any other Natural Add-on products ? e.g. NDV, NCF, NSF ??
    So, if the above 1&2 conditions are true, and also since it is NAT421, the NATURAL utilities e.g. NATUNLD/NATLOAD or SYSOBJH will assist you to back up all the NATURAL entities. Morever, ADABAS utility ADASAV or ADAULD to save/unload all the NATURAL System files e.g. FNAT,FUSER,FSEC,FDIC too should be processed before the migration.
    Good Luck !

you are right about the following:

a) Use NATUNLD/NATLOAD for source and objects (or SYSOBJH)
b) Use ADASAV for database and application files