Vitria to webMethods Migration


I follow wmusers for various queries & most of them I am able to get answer for.
But this time I searched for help on designing/defining methodologies to migrate Vitria based EAI application onto webMethods platform.

It would be a great help, if some one who has come across such scenario & can share analysis, approach or design experiences either in form of documents or links.


I thinking you are not going to find to much on this. These platforms are very proprietary. Migration is probably the wrong term. More like re-write, re-design. If you used JMS, Web Services or some other form of standards based API’s and protocols then you might have an opportunity to at least lessen the impact to downstream and upstream clients. If you have XML schemas that defined your common information models or canonical formats for your data, then you can probably bring that over as well.

Curious as to why you are leaving Vitria and moving to webMethods.