Viewing the Page outside the Layout Editor

My environment is Windows 2000 and IE6
I have successfulky created the helloworld page and published it

I tried as stated in P41 of Developer’s Guide (see below) and got page cannot be displayed.
I noticed below was using port 8080 but I see no port 8080 listening
on my PC (via NETSTAT /A). Does it have to be port 8080 and if not whereis it set as I may be set up with another value …

Viewing the Page outside the Layout Editor


If the page is not displayed, check the following:

URLs are case sensitive! Please double-check your input!

Have you really published the page? If so, there is a file


…well, we have to apologize: this is a bug in the documentation. We changed our default port from 8080 (Casabac days…) to 51000. Please try the same link as mentioned in the docu with port 51000.

Thanks for the hint…


Thanks - I knew about port 51000 for development mode but just for some reason
thought you were using different port for viewing page. But now all works fine when
making sure all in right case.

Perhaps you should consider updating the doc, because I struggled for some time on the same issue before figuring out what the problem was…