Random port when launching (Studio 1.1.2)


I’m deploying an application (Studio 1.1.2) to Smart Client (PJava) and installing it to Windows Pocket PC (Version 3). I use the Jeode Runtime on the PDA.

The problem I have is that when I launch the program, the VM is minimised and IE is opened on http://localhost on a random port. I now had ports ranging from 8001 to 8010, so it doesn?t help deploying the app to a different port as it?s always changing.

How do I get this to open my app on the right port?

what do you mean with “right port” ?

I assume you deployed to “Smart Client - Pocket PC - PJava (Browser)”. In this case the Jeode JVM is started as well as the Pocket IE. The following ports are used: 8000 - 8100; there is a registry entry which port was already used and in the next session a new one is assigned. If you reach 8100, then it starts again with 8000.

Waltraud Buettner


You assumed right, I am using the PJava browser. The Jeode JVM runs on the port specified in the mobile studio, in my case port 80.

IE is opened on the ports you specified but the page is not found, I then have to change the http adddress to point to port 80 before I can use the application.