StudioSetup.exe does nothing


I’m attempting to install Tamino Mobile Suite.
The setup.exe under the root directory installs and opens the documentation. The next step is to install the studiosetup.exe.

When I execute this install anywhere opens and progress bar runs to 100%, dissapears and nothing else happens. Nothing get’s written to my machine. I see the prerequisites for the studio are JDK 1.3 (which I have).

the general requirements I don’t quite meet but this should not be hampering my studio setup. In terms of the general requirements I have a P3 500mhz processor (not a P4, but I don’t think this should be a big problem) and I do not have an application server.

I have even dragged the studiosetup.exe under my JDK 1.4 bin dir and attempted to execute from there to rule out classpath issues.

Surely the studiosetup.exe should create a folder on my machine containing the I.D.E?

I also can’t seem to find anywhere to download Jeode Java runtime for the PDA from the insignia site.
Enginesetup, also does nothing (do the setups require an app server?)

1.) studiosetup.exe: do you have Win2000 as operating system?
2.) Enginesetup does not require an application server, it provides one (resin) or you can use your own Weblogic or Websphere, if this is your already installed application server.
3.) Jeode Java runtime can be bought here (Insignia refers to that link):


HI There.

I have managed to get hold of Jeode.
I have recently discovered that I have the Valhalla virus on my laptop which is what was preventing my studiosetup to install.