invoking pjava jar file with jeode

Hi all;

I’ve compiled a pjava application for my iPaq, and am wondering about ways of executing it. The documentation states:

"Files that are relevant to the application will finally get packaged into a JAR file. As part of the JAR file, a manifest will be created with the Main-Class attribute set to a ?runner? class. The Java virtual machine will invoke this runner class, which will in turn invoke the application."

How can I get jeode to do what the doc says (automatically invoke the ‘runner’ class)? Only putting the jar file in the classpath does not work. The jar file is called “app.jar”. The manifest specifies “App” as the main-class. The only way that works so far is to create a shortcut to evm.exe with app.jar in the classpath and App as the class to run. Is the naming of the main-class and jar file standard (e.g. if the jar file is called “arpad.jar”, will the main class be “Arpad.class”??

Ok - I can set the class name and archive name to whatever I like in the studio (project options / target configuration.
Still - is there a better way to invoke this application than to write a special shortcut?