Problem Getting Any Code to Work


I’m evaluating the CAI for use and I ran into several problems.

My environment is Windows XP/I.E. 6.0 with Tomcat 5.5/J2SE 1.5.

I created a Layout with no components except for the default header, toolbar, body, and statusbar components.

I followed the directions in the development guide.

When I preview the page in the preview pane, it works fine.

However, IE complains about a Javascript error when I try to view the page. The error is “C is null or not an object.”

What is going on in CAI? Did I forget to set something or what?

which version of CAI are you using?
What do you mean by “view” the page? Do you mean that you published the page and then accessed it as described in the documentation (…/servlet/StartCISPage?PAGEURL…)?

Have you tried to clean the cache of your IE and view the page afterwards?


Please start the page not by directly opening the page via URL but by calling the URL:



Please do not forget to publish your page inside Layout Editor prior to viewing it outside the Layout Editor. (“Publish” is right from “Preview” icon).

I hope, this helps… Bjoern

…oops, there was an “error” in my previous posting: the example URL was pointing to port 51010 - the default port is 51000 with CAI.