CIS-SubPage and FireFox


i’ve a problem with Subpages in FireFox-Browser:
( c.a.d. 2.1 and Firefox on Windows)

If i activate my Tabpage, the designated subpage shows only the animated waiting-symbol of CAD.
A click on the waiting symbol gets only a dead HTML-Page.

With Internet Explorer it works properly.

Are there some hints ?

TIA and happy new year

The calling sequence is :

SUBCISPAGEInfo m_innerPagePreview = new SUBCISPAGEInfo();
public SUBCISPAGEInfo getInnerPagePreview() { return m_innerPagePreview; }


Preview2 ippreview = (Preview2) findAdapter(Preview2.class);
ippreview.init( getid() );


nearly the same problem is also occured in my application:
until yesterday, I used cad 1.4.1 with firefox 2.0 and everything works fine. Today, I installed the new version 2.1.1 and firefox shows only the waiting symbol.

Would be nice if someone can give any advice.


H. Johannes


I have the same problem in our app based on cAD 2.1 when is opened with Firefox 1.5 or 2.0

I don’t see an answer or solution for this post. Has anybody solved the error since the above two posts?

Thanks in advance,