Error while loading SmartForm (created using AD 2.3)

I used AD 2.3 for creating a Smartform.When this smartform loads in my application it throws an alert message saying “Error caught in SSC” where SSC is the relative path upto .html . On clicking OK the page reloads properly.
This alert message comes from a JavaScript’s function showpage() which is used to load the form.
Note - This error only occurs in IE7 whereas in mozilla firefox it works properly.Is this any know browser incompatibility or javascript issue in AD 2.3 ?
If not,then what might be the possible causes of such error?

DB: Oracle 10g
AS: WebLogic 9.2
OS: WINDOWS Server 2003
JDK: 1.5.0_12

errorIN_SSC.bmp (960 KB)

I’ve been contending with this for over a year :frowning: . Did you find a fix so that this works in Internet Explorer?


For the current version CIS24 this problem has not been reported to us. Does this only happen with a specific layout-page? If yes, could you please attach the layout page? Thanks.

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