Development using Firefox?

Hi all

I’m currently testing the demo version of CAI. I’m trying to do the ‘Hello World’ exercise (Hey, everyone has to start somewhere!).

I use Firefox 1.0.4, and it appears that the drag-and-drop function does not work. I.e., when I try dragging a ROWAREA component into PAGEBODY, my mouse icon becomes a ‘Prohibited’ icon, and I can’t drag it.

Do I have to use IE as a development platform?

I wouldn’t mind too much as long as the app runs smoothly on any browser, but it also appears that some of the demos provided does not work under Firefox. For instance, the ‘Schedule’ demo doesn’t work (as nothing happens when I click on a agenda item…)

So, what about CAI working with Firefox?


…in Firefox we do drag&drop on right mouse button (currently) because of certain problems we had with the left one.
In general I would use IE as default browser but constantly quality-check against Firefox.

There is one “well-known” restriction: Firefox has a maxium nesting depth of 4 pages. I.e. you can do CAI page in CAI page in CAI page in CAI page - but not more. IE is “infinite” with this respect.


Thanks for the fast answer. Although very counter-intuitive, right-click dragging works fine indeed…

Any ideas about why the ‘Schedule demo’ does not work in FF? I was not so worried about having to develop in IE, as I am about seeing apps not working in FF…

Thanks again