Viewing document attributes in TnWeb

Can a partner be setup to see document attributes in TnWeb? Even if I setup a saved query with attributes, they don’t appear when the query is run in TnWeb.

Can you see the same Doc Attibute in the TNConsole for that document?Is that the custom attribute??


By default TNWeb will display the System attributes, but if you want the Partner to be able to see a custom document attribute, you will have to extract that attribute in your TN Document type. To do so, open the document in TNConsole, then under the Extract tab add the attribute to the extracted attributes list by specifying the query. Once you have defined how to extract the required attribute, the query in TNWeb will display that attribute when document details are viewed.

In short if an attribute is extracted in the TN Doc Type definition, the attribute will be displayed to all the Trading Partners who access that document type. If you want to display this attribute only to select Trading Partners, you might have to look into Transformation of this attribute using a custom service.

HTH, Rohit

Thank you Rohit, but I can’t seem to get that to work. For example one document is an X12 4010 404, and I’m setting 2 custom attributes myself when I submit it to TN. TN won’t let me edit that document to set the extract values. Do you know how I can extract attributes for ANSI X12 documents?

After you submit edi document to TN,so are you using setAttributes,updateAttributes for that bizdoc?Are you able to see those custom attributes/values when you double click on the X12Envelope in TransactionAnalysis?If yes then Rohit’s suggestion should work for viewing in TNWeb.Sorry if i understood your question wrongly.


Beadle, for EDI document types (these can’t be edited via TN), you can execute service wm.b2b.editn:addAttributeTypeToBizDoc to accomplish the same.

Once you’ve done this, do setAttribute/updateAttribute when posting EDI doc to TN and you should see the attribute value should be available.

Thank you so much for all the feedback. I can see now that the attributes are already showing if I click on the entry in Transactions, I guess I was hoping to see them in the list of documents, like I can in TN Console.
Is there a way to modify the list of fields returned by the query? Right now I see Date, Type, From, To, Doc ID, Processing Status, User Status.