VCS - User Mapping - Add Users


I’m having problems to add other users in the User Mapping under the VCS tab in Integration Server administrator.

I’m able just to add one user. Am i missing something?

Hi Francesco,

is there any error message when trying to map additional users?

Can you describe what the additional user mapping would look like?


Hi Holger,

as you can see in the image below, there are no errors and IS say “2 users mapping added”

but i’m just able to see one user… the second seems vanished.



The syntax i’m using is this…

When i press Save Changes, IS is just able to add the second record.

Hi Franceso,

looks like one IS User can only be mapped to one VCS User.

I am not sure about the other way round (several IS users having one single VCS user) but this does not make any sense as this wiil obfuscate who checked in which modification.

Most likely this explanation applies to the first assumption too as IS is not able to determine which VCS user to use when IS user Administrator wants to check in something.

This should be mentioned in the VCS configuration guide somewhere.


Hi Holger,

infact, it seems that sag allow a one-to-one corrispondence. One IS user is strictly connected to one VCS user.

My goal was to reach a one-to-N corrispondence because in my opinion it had sense to put the blame of managing code on VCS user irrespective of IS user. However it seems a no-viable solution.