unable to create new user groups


I have two questions.

1. To define a schema to Tamino do I need to be authenticated by Tamino? Or anybody with any username and password can define and/or undefine schemas? When I try to define Schema (from Schema Editor) I am getting an error: “The connection to the server could not be established [Details: Unexpected end of file from server]”. I am not able to define schemas anyway. Does this problem sound familiar? If I need to be authenticated by Tamino to define a schema, then which kind of permissions should I have?

2. I have created one user account (for a test database in Tamino) with “full” access control on “ino:security”. I have used the same user name and password as the one that I use to log in to the SMH for this account. After enabling the Tamino Authentication mode and restarting the database, I have logged in to the host (within SMH) using this account. Now I am able create new user accounts and new acls but not new User groups. So although I am able to create User accounts and acls they are useless if I can’t create groups as there is no method for giving permissions to users directly. I am not understanding what is wrong.

Can anybody please help?

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best Regards,

Hello Gopal!

By default Tamino is configured not to do any authentication and authorization. If you configure Tamino to authenticate, then you obviously need to specify a valid username and password. Depending on your configuration the user needs to be either authenticated by Tamino or the web server that is used to access Tamino.

So if you have authentication activated and are able to issue queries to Tamino but you are not able to define a Schema, then something seems to be configured improperly. In that case can you post the contents of your collection ino:security here, so I can take a look at your configuration?

What error do you get when trying to create new user groups? And what version of Tamino are you using?


Hello Gopal,

maybe it is a question of the order of the operations. First create a user, then create a user group and add this user and at last define your acl.
I had no problems with the attached acl.

Kind regards,
acl_all.xml (256 Bytes)

Hi Heiko and Herald,

Right now my two problems are solved. It was in fact a problem with the Apache. But I have some other question regarding security only. I want to have many database administrators each dealing with different databases. I have only one “sag” account through which I can connect to “Tamino Manager”. How can I manage to have many administrators now such that no one can modify the others databases?


Hi Gopal,

additional Tamino administrators can be added via the Tamino Manager under “Managed Host/hostname/Administrators/Tamino/”. But it is not possible to define the administrators database dependend.

regards Eckehard