VAN FTP save EDI files to local file

Thanks for the answers. Now I’trying to save the incoming EDI files into a local file using getFromVan service, my connection runs well , I’m able to see the data in the results tag, however I need to save this data into a single file, the service dosn’t provide this option …
we don’t want for the moment store the data in TN so I filling NO to saveInboundtoTN parameter…
1)Where WM actually store this data ?
2)Do I have to customize this service using SavePipelineToFile …or other Service (writeToFile)? or I missing something

Any inputs will help me…


  1. It doesn’t store the data anywhere. It is all in memory unless you’ve configured large document handling and the retrieved document is considered large.

  2. You probably don’t want to customize the getFromVAN service. Future version upgrades will likely wipe out your changes. Instead, write your own service that calls getFromVAN then pass each EDIData.string or EDIdata.reservation to writeToFile to store the data to the file system.