SAP IDOC via RFC unable to saveToPipeline


I’m using WM 6.0.1 for EDI-X12 via VANFTP from-into SAP.
The SAP 4.6 adapter was successfully installed on IS and the RFC connection setup in SAP 4.6C and Integration Server is working well. I’m already able to transfer IDOC’s via IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONUOS function and the data reach the IS, however my pre-processing service is unable to save the entry data with savePipeline service.
Here is my service: Sabex.EDI.Invoices:restoreIDOC
=> savepipeline…into SaveIDOC
=> restorepipeline…from SaveIDOC
=> transformFlatToHierarchy…

I use Sabex.EDI.Invoices:restoreIDOC service into the pre-processing rule for this IDOC message type.
Is something I missed ??

Thanks for your help


Why you use Sabex.EDI.Invoices:restoreIDOC as pre-processing service ??

you should select B2B transport and specify your service Sabex.EDI.Invoices:restoreIDOC.

Regarding the service savepipline. You should specify the entire path name for the file for example: ./pipeline/SaveIDOC. the folder pipeline is in the server folder.

Good luck,