VAN Connectivity [1]


We are in the process of replacing our existing EDI sub systems with WebMethods. Using our existing system we dial-up to connect to GSX VAN.
Could you please let me know the different services available in WebMethods to connect to VAN. I see one service using FTP but it is not SFTP. I was wondering what are the methods others are using to connect to VANs.


There are some wm public services availbale for connecting to VAN in wMEDIforTN package under VAN/VANConnectivity folder.

Pls browse those services, you will get some nice idea…

we do also using those services and some custom services for connecting to GXS.its working perfect…


My company also just started to use WebMethods 6 as an EDI processor replacing Harbinger.
I am wondering whether WebMethods FTP and Harbinger’s Asynch Modem connection can share the same mailbox in GXS - our VAN, or need another mailbox.

Can anyone provide sample package showing connection to VAN?