Migration of VAN Service from GXS to Sterling


We have been evaluating an option to migrate the VAN service from GXS to Sterling. We are trying to find out the tasks must be performed for this project. We have around 50 external trading partners, two mailboxes with GXS (TEST and PROD).

Also, we use Securemote VPN service to establish connection between webMethods and GXS servers.

I would appreciate if anyone can help me the tasks to be performed for this purpose, or can provide a documentation.


Hi, this is a public site and saw your request below. I do work for GXS and strive to provide our clients with the upmost quality of service.

If there are questions, or anything I can do, please let me know.


Can we know what is your Integration Architecture involves…what all the wM components/documents/protocols being used/exchanged in your process?? so that users here can suggest you in a better way.

BTW,there is no documentation esp for this kind of out of box…


What company are you with, so that I can provide assistance.


We have webMethods middleware, fetch/send EDI 850, 810, 856, 824 documets to/from our external partners through GXS mailbox.

There are approx 100 partners we do business through EDI.

The goal is to change the VAN service from GXS to Sterling.
I did research on this. It looks like first we have to setup a mailbox in Sterling and setup trading partnerships with all existing partners.

At our end, we need to setup a secure FTP connection so that from webMethods we can pull/push data.

Not sure if I am missing anything here.


What can GXS do to keep your busy? We are willing to work with you, so that you do not have to take time to migrate your TPs, which takes time.


If we provide the list of external partners to Sterling, they would help us to setup trading partnerships.

I am concerned about setting up the connection between webMethods and Sterling.

“It looks like first we have to setup a mailbox in Sterling and setup trading partnerships with all existing partners”

Did you talk to Sterling Commerce customer service regarding this setup(share your control information sender/receiverid’s,qualifiers, doctypes,schedule etc…)?? I dont think you have to do lot in webMethods except setup sFTP connection (via regular FTP/OpenSSH services)…


The wM change to switch from GXS to Sterling should not be complicated. However, migrating the trading partners from GXS to Sterling requires quite a lot of coordination and Sterling has a resource that can do this for you. You should discuss this with your Sterling account rep as they can probably answer these questions for you and save you a lot of time. Be sure you speak to an account rep, though, as he/she will be better able than the regular customer support folks to assist you with this type of request.

Thanks rmg and tillmanm for your responses.

You are right, other than setting up the FTP service in the webMethods server we need to establish partnerships (one by one) with external partners.

At this point, It does not look like we are going to be benefecial financially much in this process.

You just need to route GXS VAN traffic to Sterling VAN…talk with Sterling folks see how much they can help redirecting etc… and your inbound/Outound VAN pickup gateway/service should have minimal changes i believe.