Validating interchange envelope and group header


i have a situation where in i have to validate the interchange header and the group header and i’m using envelopeProcess service for this.the edi is passed to the TN and the processing rule executes a service.the first step i’m doing in this service is mapping the bizdocContentPart of bizdoc variable to edidata variable of envelopeProcess service and i set the validate and compliance check to true.but when i change the GS control number to check whether it is validating properly,it is not.even if the GS control number is different to GE control number,the hasError variable is false.why is it behaving like this?can anyone help me on this?


envelopeProcess doesnt do help for the control number check.Is your EDI document is coming with mismatch control numbers?Generally i dont think anybody sends with diff ctrl numbers.

But there is a validateControlNumber service exists in the WmEDI module,please check it.