Utility to enable/disable

Hi All,

I have requirement to create utility which will allow user to enable/disable the selected scheduler, polling notification & triggers. Request you to suggest which is the best way to achieve this task:

  1. Creation of flow service using wMroot package services
  2. A java service
  3. DSP method
  4. CAF method

Please share ideas and sample code. Thanks in advance.
Mohit K

You can find public service under:

you shouldn’t use WMRoot services directly without SAG permission.
how to build UI, is really your choice.

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Hi Tong,

Thanks for your response.

Could you please let me understand that when we should make use of CAF concepts and in which cases we do use DSPs. Kindly reply.

Mohit K

DSP: A dynamic server page (DSP) is a document embedded with a dozen special codes (tags) that instruct the webMethods Integration Server to perform certain actions when an HTTP (or HTTPS) client requests the document. They are HTML based, they can be used to build complex user interfaces that includes any valid construct (e.g., forms, cascading style sheets, JavaScript) recognized by the client’s browser. [Ref: DSP user Guide].

CAF: Composite Application Framework development enables you to create Web applications and portlet application projects for use with My webMethods Server. A Web application is an application that a user accesses over the Web on either the Internet or an intranet.

When DSP? : When you have little to do in UI, minimalist approach. Maintenance/development of DSP is tough as not validator available, like HTML.
When CAF: When you need to come up with a full fledged web application or a complex UI with multiple conditional UI elements.

Hope this helps.


For all the things you mentioned above are admin tasks that can be logic via a flow service (which uses WmART services for enabling/disabling adapter connections/listeners) and you can create a .dsp page (UI) for invoking it as HTML links


Thank you to all !!


your welcome!